Steel beam design Q&A

Typical questions and answers :

Q:  So why bother paying a structural engineer to do your beam calculations?

A:   There are many reasons why paying an engineer for your structural calculations, but we will give you just 3 here.
One - If you doing building control for your project (for most projects you will need to do) your inspector will want to see the structural calculations (steel beams, foundations, hip rafters etc.); 
Two - Builders normally use the rule of thumb and  in some cases problems such as deflection might occur sooner or later . A deflection of a beam can cost you thousands of pounds in repairs.
Three - You or your clients are covered by the engineers professional indemnity insurance if something goes wrong;

Typical structural calculations cost?

A:   Local structural engineers could charge between 100-150 pounds per one steel beam calculation. Over the net that can fall down to half price, but remember that not all sources will cover the calculations with professional indemnity insurance. Thats why if you order from us you not only save but you will be also covered and have complete peace of mind. 

I am an architect and I need steel beam designs for building control drawings quite often. Is there discount for more beam designs and if I use your services often?

A: For first time customer you will get a 10% discount from the total fees for multiple beam designs. If you decide to use us again  please let us know you are returning customer and you will get an extra 5%  which makes a total of 15% discount for a multiple beam designs. All fees are VAT FREE

Q:  I am a junior architect and I am not quite sure where to position the steel beams for a 3 storey house I am converting into flats, will there be extra charge for this service?

A: Not at all. If you email us the full plans (e.g. existing and proposed annotating wall types, heights, floor spans, materials) we will be able to determine the steel position and come back to you with the number of beams and quote for the design.
Q:  Can you give me an example where there might be an extra charge?

A: Quite often there is a project where a beam spans 6+ meters and supports great weight. In this situations we suggest using  posts/piers at intermediate location or at each end of the beam and build new pad footings underneath. The design of the posts/piers and the foundations will occur an extra fee. We will let you know in this kind of situation and you will have to decide if you are happy with our fees and if we are to continue with the design.

Q:  What warranty comes with your design?

A:  We are a professional qualified and experienced engineering practice with indemnity insurance covering all our work. 

Q:  Can I use this calculations in Wales?

A:  Our structural calculations are done to  British standards and new Eurocodes so there shouldn't be an issue using them anywhere in England & Wales. We have clients from London, Liverpool, Swansea, Cardiff, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Birmingham, Coventry,  Hull and many more smaller towns.